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[IP] Sauna s

.< What my thinking on this is, for her not to wear the pump in the sauna,(duh) but what about the insulin in the tubing(sof-set) and the cannula? Will the insulin there go bad? Would a sil be better?>  As insulin is a protein exposure of the tubing to hot water can cook it.  If you can't disconnect try to time it so that the entire insusion set et al is removed prior to the sauna with a set used afterwards.  Personally I have enjoyed regular saunas without any kind of incident, but be forewarned there are many stories online about going low in the sauna - caused by the sauna- and even some reported deaths.  If this is your daughters first time doing this, test before and every 15-20 minutes during the sauna, as well as after.  Better safe than sorry.

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