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[IP] Comparing meters

I went to employee health this morning to get a TB test and a Hep A
vaccine.  WHile I was waiting they told me I would get a free book (a
really nice book even my doc said so) if I get my bg and cholestorol
checked.  SInce I was waiting I figured, hey why not.  I decided to test on
my meter at the same time.  My meter 236, theirs 309.  Okay, something was
wrong.  My gut said my meter was a lot closer to being right.  Retested on
my meter 237.  Then I happened to have an appointment with my internist
(less than 30 minutes later).  While I was there I asked to test against
their machine.  (I decided not to correct at all, just to see what was up).
 My meter (that time) 240.  Their meter 220.  So my conclusion was that the
first meter (which they were advising people after getting the reading) was
wrong.  And second, that when I do side by side comparisions, I'm not going
to jump to the conclusion that mine is wrong just because the other is in a
doctor's office!  I will always go with how I feel more than anything else!

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