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[IP] Exercising while High

< I have heard some very contradicting advice, and am very confused! My sons Dr says that exercising while having high BG is good, because it will lower #'s. But, my sons CDE says to not exercise while high. Any advice?? Justin is not pumping, yet>  I think this may be a problem with terms.  How is exercise being defined?  A 30 minute walk or an hour of raquetball.  Also just exactly what is a high blood sugar, 180?  350?   The danger in exercising with a BG over 350, as I understand it is that there may be ketones present and the lack of insulin in the system might cause the sugar to go even higher.  "Mild' exercise - like walking may reduce an 'elevated' BG.  If you take insulin to reduce a high and there are no ketones you run the risk of dropping way low fast if the exercise
is very intense.  I don't think there's any one answer here- what works for one doesn't work for all.My advice would be to take it moderately to begin with and test before, during and after exercise until you see how Justin responds.  Sorta a different pokes for different folks.  Good luck.

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