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[IP] best bg in weeks!

Hey all--
 Well you know, between infections and stress lately,
my bg have been awful, as was my diet. Well, today I
was strict about things, I figure been off meds a
week, so infectoin is gone, it is that time of the
month, my basals are the highest they've ever been
(due to the infection) so i just have to share...on a
normal day, which i haven't had in over a month, these
aren't as tight as i like, i had been 90-140 daily,
but lately it's whacko. So i am Proud of these
 Monday..b4 bed 123
  Tues.. 3am    120
   bfast 6am     81
  lunch 10:30   175***
        2pm     110

 the 81 scared me, b/c of the highs lately, the fact
that my basals are way up there for me and last time i
hadn't had food in a few hours i went to 48. but i ate
breakfast...30g,...3/4 cup of regular cheerios and
milk..bolused 1.8 instead of 2, b/c i had a major test
at 7:30am, so guess what, I understood 175! I
corrected with .4 and later was 110. I think my basals
are still up a little much, but i've only had one real
low in the past few days, so i will keep these basals
for now. 
 I'm just happy. I am watching my food today, back to
when i started the pump, no snacks...so i had
breakfast and bolused 1.8, and i had lunch pb crackers
and bolused 1.5 --light lunch and i am hungry, but
that is one food i am SURE Of the carbs from...and my
tdd is low today, used to be around 30, lately been
over 50, today i haven't even had 20 yet, so i'm doing
 One ? does anyone eat cheese (from a block..cheddar
or american) and what do you do. I do that sometimes
but am curious, b/c it has at least 120 calories, but
no carbs. therefore i dont' bolus for it, i hvaen't
noticed highs, but just the concept of the cals but
not carbs puzzles me....
 Happy with her pump for the first time in a while!

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