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[IP] Re: offending?

Laura writes:
>  HA! I have seen your picture on the member profiles and I find it
>  difficult to believe that a little zit could even begin to mar that
>  face! Wish I took such a great picture!

if you think this shamelss bit of butt licking will turn me to your so-called 
"dark side"
YOU ARE RIGHT...too bad you are married and I am straight...I'd ask you to 
marry me!

The pump, by the way, just to keep this on topic...is in my sleeve in the 
picture, but I bet no one noticed...except when the tubing stuck out of my 
cleavage....but then what the hell where they looking there for anyways!?!?

and as for the zit...arghhhhhh - I am "old enough" to be well beyond this 
baloney...can I blame this on diabetes as well?  I have already all but given 
up peanuts which I KNOW make me break out...

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