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[IP] out of control meets the doc again

My dearest new friends,
            Thanks so very much for the information,support, and 
encouragement !!!! I really feel that this site will help enpower me to take 
control wish i had done so long ago. today it sees that my a1c is 9.2 not 
great but as bad as ive been i guess it could be a lot worse. my endo today 
has added some vit c ,vit e , and a baby asprin a day,in addition i have 2 
weeks left on the rifampin for the systemic infection then i am to start on 
rezulin 400 mg 1 time a day.i am not sure i understand the reason behind 
this as i know that i am type1 but the doc days that it will lower my sugars 
,b/p,cholestrol,as well as to decrease my insulin resistance. Lord if it 
does it will be as much a mircle as my disetronic pancrease. Anybody out 
there that is type 1 gone on the rezulin? has it helped?
Will the weight reduction also decrease the resistance ? she ,the doc. says 
I can do any diet that i feel comfortable with but am having a hard time 
choosing. any suggestions?? Thanks for being here to help us old timers to 
adjust to the real life. p.s. for those who ask i did do diabetes ed when i 
was dx. but never had carb counting taught  or discussed with me .anybody 
got any ideas??? sorry , but now that im turned on to the power of taking 
controll ill probally worry the fire out of everybody. I am a BSN but really 
  in pump Kindergarden, please help me catch-up so that i can go into the 
class of 2000 healthy wealthy and wise.(pump wealthy)
                                                Thanks debbiej

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