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[IP] re: more on the lady

<<We've got a group of about 1700 diabetics here-what's the consensus on the 
following: have you ever had a low bad enough that you either passed out or 
were to the point where you needed someone else's help?>>

You bet I have!! I've had IDDM since I was 20 months old. My brother had 
looked in on me one morning and I was having convulsions. He is 2 years older 
than me, and he was old enough to go tell my Mom, "Mom . . .Sally's foaming 
at the mouth", so I am guessing I was probably 2.5 - 3 years of age.
More recently in 1989 I was pregnant with my second daughter, and I started 
dropping FAST - I called my hubby who was at work, and all I could get out 
was "I need help." That part I remember.  When he got home I was on the couch 
having convulsions. We were living in Berlin, Germany at the time, and he and 
his buddy rushed me to the Army ER.
I woke up, and I actually thought I had died - all I  saw was the bright 
lights in the ER, and I felt something coming out of my mouth, I asked my 
hubby what is was and he told me I was foaming at the mouth. They were trying 
to start an IV and actually asked me if I could "hold still" - they couldn't 
find any veins - they had to get the anesthesiologist (sp?) to start it. I 
think my BG was 28.
My latest episode was just this past September, no convulsions though.
This was my wake up call - literally. And the reason I am wanting to get on 
the pump. (Still waiting for insurance to approve.) I am not getting the 
early warning signs of an insulin reaction anymore, and don't notice any 
until I am (usually) in the 50's.
We recently transfered here to Ft. Campbell, KY. (One of the largest Army 
bases in the world.) I had been seeing my new doc because he was concerned 
about my high blood pressure (just diagnosed) readings and my low BG's.
That particular morning I had an appointment at 10:45. I was feeling low 
before the appointment, tested and I was at 80. OK, I had some crackers with 
peanut butter. Just about time to leave for my appt and I tested again - 77. 
Had a banana and a glass of OJ. and was  out the door  to go to my appt. Sat 
in the waiting room over an hour - they are usually pretty good about that - 
but that day he had some emergencies. Went in to the doc and had my 
appointment - got some new meds, etc. and now it was about 1:00 PM. Called my 
daughter, (first day of school - half day) to make sure she had gotten home 
all right, told her I was going to get something to eat, and get a few 
groceries and I would be home. I was walking to the car,(about 1/4 mile walk) 
and thought to myself, "I feel low and I need to eat NOW ." Being new to the 
base, I didn't know when the dining facility to the hospital closed, or where 
it was either, but I did know where there was a Burger King - 2 blocks away. 
That was the last thing I remember. I "woke up" in a ditch at the Campbell 
Army Airfield. A restricted area. I have no idea how I got past the guard 
shack or  the other gates. I realized that I was soaking wet, shivering cold, 
grass all over me and I was staring at my soaked shoes and something(one) 
said to me, "Sally, This is NOT a dream, you are IN A DITCH and it is 
lightening and pouring - you need to GET UP NOW!!" I don't know how everyone 
feels about this, but I TRUELY believe that it was my Dad, whom I lost 2 
years ago. We were very close and he was ALWAYS there for me, and I feel VERY 
strongly about this.
I found my Tahoe, not a scratch - about 50 yards away - got in, put on my 
flashers and my lights - honking my horn - no cell phone yet - (we had just 
got there -believe me - I have one now.) looking for SOMEone, I started 
driving on the flightline. It was 5:00PM. I had been in that ditch for hours. 
. .I finally found someone doing rounds, followed him back to the tower/admin 
office. I was trying to explain where I was (while being spoon-fed granulated 
sugar) when I had woke up, and they told me that they would not have found me 
for a week. HELLO - - - my wake up call.
That scared the dickens out of me, really. Needless to say, I imagine that 
they had a refresher course on security, because there was no way I should 
have gotten to that area of the Airfield.
Still no explanation why my BG's had been dropping so fast except for that 
day -  I missed lunch - but I have learned NOT to schedule any appts. around 
lunch time - and take my meter and insulin with me everywhere. I was on 2 
shots of Regular and NPH daily, and now I'm using the Humalog and NPH (in the 
evenings) until I get the pump. (Hopefully soon.)
Sorry so long winded . . . 

Sally =o)
Soon-to-be-a-pumper after 35 years
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