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[IP] Re: ritalin and diabetes

>A Virus killed my beta cells to cause my diabetes also .. I am the only one 
>in my family .. I am wondering does this mean that I can pass it down to my 
>children or theirs do I have that gene?? because I got it though a virus ?? 

I too have always been a bit confused on this. Both of my grandfathers
were borderline diabetic, and the doctors always said that I would for
sure be a type 1 before I made it to 18 (I'm also an oldest child which
they claim has something to do with it). Well, I'm 26 and no sign of it
yet. (fingers crossed...)  My younger brother and my mom tho have
occasional mild hypoglycemia (shakes a lot if meals aren't on time,
On the other hand, my husband's great-grandfather was type 1, so by the
"skips a generation rule", my father-in-law should have gotten it. He
didn't. My husband did.  I think there are other people on this list who
are diabetic and have non-diabetic kids, and like you there are people
with no family history, but suddenly someone gets it. Perhaps my "skips
a generation, oldest child" rules are outdated, does anyone know of more
recent theories on how diabetes is passed on through the genetic chain?
ps. the great grandfather died of old age in his 90's, and this at a
time where they hardly even knew about insulin and "good control". So I
don't give the whole average life expectancy thing too much weight...
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