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Re: [IP] setting temp basals at night and growth hormones


we use the temp basal rate to keep her from going into the high 200's while
in her sleep/growth/whatever mode. trying for 'stability' as michael
suggests. if we could keep her at the 140 mark..I would be very excited.
right now...low 200's is about where we are at these days.  this is period
from 9-10 pm until 1-2 am.  then she is terrificly stable...although I
usually have had to do a correction during the first part of the night.

I am hesitant to get real aggressive with the temp basal while she is asleep
and down the hall..out of earshot.  although, geneva will awaken when about

> Are the basal rates used to maintain constant the bg, not to
> bring down them?

> now mind you...we had upped her 'temp basal' to 1.2...between hitting
> at 8:30 until 1 am.   I was hesitant because we have been somewhat
> successful with a TB of 1.0.    this was not even high enough as I needed
> correct at 2 am.

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