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[IP] Re: offending?

email @ redacted wrote:
>  but I am not gonna apologize for having an opinion,
> and neither should you!

I don't feel the least bit sorry for having or expressing my opinions
:)  What I DO feel sorry about is that I was unable to state them as
clearly as I would have liked, and I think it gave the wrong impression
- namely, that I am some sort of self-righteous, alternative lifestyle
hating person. Also, I feel sorry that I could not convert you all over
to the dark side :-) Sometimes I think a lot of the "nuances" get lost
in the cyber world. For example, my guess is that you merely wanted to
vent about the woman at the gym, and I misinterpred that as asking for
suggestions about what to do about her, so I jumped in with some
unwanted advice. I'm just generally a "helpful" sort of person...
In any case, I'm sure you and I will continue to disagree about several
things, but I have a hunch we agree on many things too--such as, pumps
are wonderful! (Shane doesn't even start until Nov 5 but still both
convinced it is going to be great once we get the initial stuff worked

> Sara the Bitter Bumpy Biter
I too have recently been accused of being bitter, can't say as I have
been accused of being a biter tho. No claims on being bumpy either.

>part of me as this big zit on my chin 
HA! I have seen your picture on the member profiles and I find it
difficult to believe that a little zit could even begin to mar that
face! Wish I took such a great picture!

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