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[IP] offending?

Laura wrote:
> feel free to disregard (I seem to have been offending people 
> unintentionally lately, but that is not my intent, so I hope my 
> unsolicited advice doesn't bother you!)

I, as one who has recently been encouraged to voice my opinion by things you 
have written - WELCOME your contributions and would never for one second 
think you shouldn't, nor should you apologize or be worried about what other 
people "think"  about your suggestion!  Whether you and I agree on a subject 
or a course of action, or not, is irrelevant!  This is a free exchange of 
speech, ideas, suggestions, and most of all OPINIONS....

If you have offended me, I am certainly not sitting here cursing you 
out...merely trying to put my disagreement into words....trying to express my 
"position," "opinion" or "attitude."

As a subscriber to the list in its various forms, we all have the OPTION to 
skip or delete messages that we disagree with, or posters who offend us.  I 
am sure there are people here who see "urtasef" and just automatically hit 
DELETE....fine with me, but I am not gonna apologize for having an opinion, 
and neither should you!

Sara the Bitter Bumpy Biter
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