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[IP] discreet? me?

Chuck wrote re new 508 and remote:

> (and I think ALL the ladies will be as well), knowing you can 
> easily hide the pump and still make use of without having to dig it 
> out.

hmmmm <VBG>   are you making a sexist remark???  lol  but just for the 
record, in case anyone happened to be snoozing, I personally have no problem 
with the appearance of the pump and take no special pains to "hide" my 
porta-pancreas.  Nor do I have any problem digging it out of wherever it is.  
I take my hand out of my pocket to blow my nose....I take my shoe off to 
scratch my foot, I put my glasses on to see a distant sign, I take off my 
coat when I am warm....I take out my pump when I need insulin...it is as much 
a part of me as this big zit on my chin and no amount of cover-up is gonna 
make it go away!!

OBVIOUSLY, I am not rude enough to stand on a grand dais in a velvet gown and 
stick my hand down my bodice, or maybe I am, but that is another story, but 
the point is...

Be Loud, Be Proud....Be Bumpy....

heck, you can ALWAYS go back to completely unobtrusive injections....Not for 
all the tea in china thank you very much....you'll have to pry my pump out of 
my cold dead fingers first

Sara the Bumpy Bitter Biter
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