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[IP] Choose without Regret

Dear Sammi:

Now THAT is a t-shirt, I would like to wear.  

you wrote:
> He looks carefully at pros & cons, known & unknown factors, 
> possibilities & potential dangers...then decides & commits to that.  
> Granted, when he determines that a wrong choice was made, he 
> chalks it up to experience & does not repeatedly make the same 
> mistakes.....I find a lot to respect in your position on the whole 
> irresponsibility issue.

Your husband sounds like a great guy....do you consider him "bitter" just out 
of curiousity?  <g>

> Hope you feel bettere after working out!  :)

on some things, yes....thanks for asking <tee hee>

Sara the Bitter - or is that Sara the Biter?  hmmmm...anyone wanna volunteer 
to find out?
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