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[IP] time to change/prefilled cartridges

GLang14369 wrote:

>  As a pumper since Oct. 13th I am taking 30 minutes to set up 
> and insert the new infusion.  My educator said I will be able to 
> accomplish this more quickly in the not to distant future.  

oh yeah - no worries there!!!  Even eye-hand coordination challenged MOI can 
do it in less than 10 minutes now...and most of that is deep breathing to 
psych myself up for poking that 9 foot long needle into my lily white skin!!! 

Ya know, gang, just my "personal" feeling, but I am not so interested in 
pre-filled cartridges, vibrating, color coordinated pumps, and other such 
bells and whistles, as I am in finding a cure for diabetes.  In my opinion, 
the 506 pump did pretty much everything I needed....all the extras are just 
that...extras...Sure, I love the light, thanks to my crappy vision, but I can 
simulate the square wave with a temp basal, I can program in a second bolus 
to simulate the dual wave...I can manually reprogram all my basals for PMS 
week, so multiple profile capability is not that important, and my doctor 
does not download info from my pump - he and I talk, we discuss my log, as he 
trusts me and doesn't feel it necessary to "check" my meter and pump to make 
sure I am not "lying" about my results...which FYI unlike my age, I don't lie 
about - why bother - the only one it hurts is me

Anyway, to the original poster, welcome to the wonderful world of pumping!  
You will LOVE your pump and the control it allows you to maintain even while 
you are sick - hope you are feeling better.

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