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Re: [IP] correcting at bedtime-new question


after you read my long post on setting nightime basals you will see that the
milk is prob. not the problem.  it is geneva's "rising phenomenon as soon as
she hits the pillow".   someone else posted recently about milk being the
perfect treatment for lows.   in our case...milk is a great treatment
because it has some protein in it.

as far as eating something...I cannot get geneva to eat something.  she
wants a quick fix.  like juice or dex tabs, etc.  this goes back to being
very paranoid about lows and crashing from MDI.

we did use ice cream as a bedtime snack on injections.  works like a charm
to keep levels "even - steven" at night.  she hardly ever got low with ice
cream.  also ...milkshakes with cornstarch!


> I am new here. I am type 1 for 22 years. Often when I have just milk at
> bedtime for carbs I go high too.

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