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[IP] setting temp basals at night and growth hormones


>82 at 8 PM.
> > we gave her a 12 carb glass of
> > milk at 8:15.  this should have brought her only up to about 140.
> > her one hour after and she is already 207.
> Just curious -- does this rise consistently happen when she goes to
> sleep?

YES!     every single night!

the 82 was a result of her being in the mid to high 200's all day yesterday
(and day prior) and I got down right MEAN with her basals.  she finally got
down to a normal number by 8 PM.

the saga continues.  apparently, the 82 was prob. a good number to leave
alone...as you suggested, natalie, but geneva hates this feeling and would
rather be around 100.  also...she still has not gotten over the crashing
situation from MDI days.   we figured the milk would be a good treatment as
previously discussed on IP.

well...anyway...I tested her at following times:

9:00        207  (left alone)
10:30      257  (left alone)
2:00        232  (corrected to 140)
7:00 wakeup     123

now mind you...we had upped her 'temp basal' to 1.2...between hitting pillow
at 8:30 until 1 am.   I was hesitant because we have been somewhat
successful with a TB of 1.0.    this was not even high enough as I needed to
correct at 2 am.

 as you can see...there is definitely a rise from when she goes to sleep
until 2 am.  we usually drop back down to 0.3 basal at 1 am and go to 0.5 at
3 am. then she is fine until morning wakeup.

I have seen her go to sleep at 8:30, and I will test one hour later and she
will have risen 100 points!

so ...as this discussion gets gray hairs......we continue to find the
perfect answer to rising hormones when kids go to sleep (as opposed to the
dawn phen. which geneva does NOT have).  I know that we have had pretty good
luck with the temp. basal...IF we can figure out the appropriate amount.  it
just seems so 'unright' to go from 0.5 in the afternoon slot to 1.2 or 1.3
or higher when she falls asleep.

right now..with geneva seemingly going through a major growth spurt this
week, we will get this temp basal upped to about 1.5 and then she will STOP
growing and will be in the 60's that night!

as it stands now...I sent her to school today with a completely upped basal
for her school time.  she is usually at 0.2 from 10 am until about 2 PM.
she is now set at 0.5 because of yesterdays' 200's.  I told her to set temp
for lower if she starts to show lower numbers.  as we have seen in geneva'
case,  this phenomenon of being high (due to GROWTH)  comes on suddenly and
leaves us suddenly.  maybe there is a little clue but we have not figured it
out yet.

geneva just called from school and they are running a mile today in p.e.
she did not know how to deal with it.  takes them about 6-8 min.   I just
told her to disconnect during the run.  we will see.  with her new basals
today...how much shall we bet that she is running low all day!

off on a tangent.


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