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Re: [IP] correcting at bedtime-new question

Hi Ruth
I am new here. I am type 1 for 22 years. Often when I have just milk at 
bedtime for carbs I go high too. Try something like crackers and cheese, 
maybe triscuits or wheat thins. They are whole grain whcih should make the 
absorption slower and add the cheese because the protein also slows down 
absorption. I know milk is easier but I think it gets absorbed too fast. 
Also, I was told to eat ice cream (the cheap kind that has lots of gluten in 
it) at bedtime because it is a complex carbohydrate and is absorbed slowly. 
Ask your dietician or doc about the ice cream first though.Good Luck!!

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>Subject: Re: [IP] correcting at bedtime-new question
>Date: Tue, 19 Oct 1999 06:39:29 -0800
>Ruth Schneider wrote:
> > yup...same hole as geneva's.  this is part of the 'big issue' here on 
> > list with young kids who are high when they hit the pillow.
> > geneva just went to bed ( 8 PM) at a low 82.  we gave her a 12 carb 
>glass of
> > milk at 8:15.  this should have brought her only up to about 140.  
> > her one hour after and she is already 207.
>Just curious -- does this rise consistently happen when she goes to
>sleep? If that's the case, maybe 82 is a great number to go to sleep at
>and doesn't need a snack??
> >  I am
> > wondering if she is now experiencing the "pre-period" stuff before 
> > getting her period.  she is 10 1/2.
>Well, I've read that the hormones start cycling about 2 years before the
>periods actually begin, so that would put her starting to menstruate at
>about 12 1/2 which is pretty normal.
>So could be hormonal, although I wouldn't be willing to bet on
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