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Re: [IP] high blood sugar / exercise

 <  I am hoping that some of you, with more knowledge than I, could help!?  I
<have heard some very contradicting advice,  and am very confused!  My sons Dr
<says that exercising while having high BG is good,  because it will lower
<#'s.  But, my sons CDE says to not exercise while high.  Any advice??

	Don't be confused.  Just try it and see.  Don't pay too much
attention to those medical professionals--listen to them as carefully as
you listened to all those who gave you advice on how to raise children
before your child was born. :-)  No serious harm will come from trying and
observing.  Everyone seems to respond to exercise differently, so you
really do need to experiment on your own.  Personally I have always
exercised regardless of my blood sugar, even when it used to be over 300
(not any more with the pump though).   BG always is lowered for me
relatively quickly.   Others show a rise in BG over the short term and then
a later fall (as glucose is used to restore glycogen in the liver and
muscle).  The energy to exercise comes from glucose metabolism, and so you
will always get some lowering of BG from exercise.  The tricky thing that
each person needs to determine is when that effect will occur.

<                Last week he had a blood sugar
<reading of 21.  This was our first experience that low,  & I guess I over
<treated! (4 glucose tabs,  a juice box-29 carbs, and a granola bar-17 carbs).
<   His numbers after an hour were up over 500.  Is this normal?

	Yes Teressa, it is normal given all the food he ate.  The 4 glucose
tabs would likely have been more than enough.   But most everyone tends to
overeat with hypos.  It takes real fortitude to use your weakening brain to
eat only what you know is enough.

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