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Re: [IP] Re: Silhouettes Complaint--Natalie

Sam having a site almost sterilized is like being almost pregnant.  There's
not much value in only being halfway.  If and when conditions are right for
bacterial growth, it makes little difference if you start with 1, 10, or a
100 bacteria.  The definition of sterilization is not at all ambiguous.
The ambiguity comes with words like antiseptic, which in most cases is just
a fancy word for cleanliness.

>>Well George, there really isn't a problem with the Silhouettes, so why ask
>>them to make any change?  Since no one sterilizes their skin prior to
>>inserting a Silhouette, the fact that the site can breathe a bit is of no

>Doesn't using standard antiseptic procedures count toward sterilization?  I
>guess it depends on your definition.

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