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Re: [IP] correcting at bedtime-new question

Ruth Schneider wrote:
> yup...same hole as geneva's.  this is part of the 'big issue' here on mail
> list with young kids who are high when they hit the pillow.
> geneva just went to bed ( 8 PM) at a low 82.  we gave her a 12 carb glass of
> milk at 8:15.  this should have brought her only up to about 140.  tested
> her one hour after and she is already 207.

Just curious -- does this rise consistently happen when she goes to
sleep? If that's the case, maybe 82 is a great number to go to sleep at
and doesn't need a snack??
>  I am
> wondering if she is now experiencing the "pre-period" stuff before actually
> getting her period.  she is 10 1/2.

Well, I've read that the hormones start cycling about 2 years before the
periods actually begin, so that would put her starting to menstruate at
about 12 1/2 which is pretty normal. 

So could be hormonal, although I wouldn't be willing to bet on

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