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Re: [IP] ADHD/diabetes/ritalin

In a message dated 10/17/99 8:58:30 PM US Mountain Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< I was told that ritilin is not good for diabetes?? is this true ?? I am a 
 yr old ADHD just diagnosed and my doc said I can not use it ?? do others 
Julie >>

My husband and daughter both have ADHD.  I'm the DM pumper (not hyper, but I 
try to keep up :).  My husband's was treated with diet, his mother didn't 
believe in using meds for it, and he had a very very difficult childhood.  We 
have had our daughter on Ritalin for three years now, since she started 
kindergarten.  She is happier and can focus and follow through on ideas, 
projects, etc.  I think she is much improved when medicated.  When off it she 
cannot stay seated.  I don't mean she doesn't want to and complains, but she 
is off and running to whatever she sees at the moment that interests her.  
Unmedicated she sings, chants, and talks continually. As she is getting older 
she has learned better "control" to be able to fit in.  We keep her as active 
as possible, she's a goalie on a competitive team, she doesn't take well to 
being idle.

Anyway, I think the connection between diabetes and not being on Ritalin 
probably has to do with heart rate and blood pressure.  This is something 
each Dr (we've tried four) has taken care to check monthly with her (yes, its 
hard to find a good ADHD dr too).

Best of luck,
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