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Re: [IP] Re:Testing Coke?- beware the server

In a message dated 10/15/99 2:33:39 PM US Mountain Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< Sometimes i have a hard time telling them from one another unless exp  if 
 i  have eaten anything..  I never want to take the chance of getting a 
 reg  again..  ha ha >>
Thanks for starting this discussion.  I can hardly wait to test my next coke 
with my One Touch strip. I have a hard time telling too.  Each restaurant 
sets their fountains different as to mix of syrup/bubbles or lack thereof.  
I've relied on my hubby to be the taste tester, but the best he gives me is 
"I'm pretty sure its diet".

Had one scarry incident that I happened to see.  Ordered a diet cola at 
Arby's. The girl behind the counter put the cup under the regular and filled 
it about 1/3 full, then finished filling it on the diet spout.  I just 
happened to be watching when she did this. When I flipped, she responded 
with, "diet just tastes so bad, I always mix it so it tastes better". 
Needless to say she and her manager got an education in DM that day.  That 
particular Arby's is frequented by mostly retired folks vacationing in AZ, 
and I'm sure she had made more than a few type 2's very sick.

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