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In a message dated 10/13/99 1:00:59 PM US Mountain Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< I couldn't agree more!!! I stopped testing in restroooms years ago - >>
Gotta add my 2 cents here. I'm a bit late in reading my mail (like 8 days 
behind) so forgive me if its already been said.

I've had only one bad outburst from an onlooker in my 20 years of testing in 
public.  I had been working hard all day since 7am without a break in the 
110+ Arizona heat, when I finally had 15 minutes at 3pm for a bite to eat at 
Wendy's.  I sat down at a table by myself (the girl I was training went to 
the restroom), took out my meter and tested before I ordered as usual. (Hey, 
if I was realllllly low maybe I could justify a frosty!!)  An older lady 
stood up about 6 tables away and wailed "How dare you do that in public, its 
disgusting!  My husband does that in the privacy of our home every morning!  
What's wrong with you!!"  and she stormed out.  Wonder how good his control 
is?  When my friend came back out, I was being comforted by all the other 
people at Wendy's and she wanted to go out in the parking lot and teach that 
"lady" some manners.

Most people are real cool about it and never ask.  If they do, its easy to 
explain.  Pre-pump I also learned to discretely "shoot up" in public.  I 
decided this was preferable to trying to balance everything in a dark dirty 
toilet booth.  In my first days as DM I got lost in Disneyland trying to find 
a restroom to take my lunchtime shot in.  Didn't help that I was low for 
lunch either!

In my opinion, do what's in your best interest and let them complain.

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