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[IP] Re: CT and MRI and pumps (Xrays too)

Go to the link on the IP homepage to Minimed, then go to search and search 
for MRI.  It comes up with a page that specifically tells you NOT to wear 
your pump during XRays and CT's because it can mess with the programming, 
etc.  It also says that not only can MRI's mess with the programming, but can 
tear the mechanical parts apart.  All sounds rather gruesome.  I would link 
the page, but for some reason I can't. (computers!)

Before I knew this, I did have at least one xray with the pump on with no 
problem.  However, I have since had a CT (sinuses) and an MRI (shoulder) and 
did NOT have the pump on.  I just played catch-up after the test for the time 

I do not "know" any of this from any engineering background....just what I've 
read...as well as the knowledge of MRI's and metals not "mixing well", shall 
we say.


Happy pumping.   
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