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Re: [IP] high blood sugar / exercise-Theresa

Theresa, i can remember Matt's first really low too.  He was 29.  You just 
want to panic.......over treating isn't hard to do, because usually lows 
bring "starvation" Matt's always telling me please can i have more i'm 
starving.  4oz of juice is all that is usually needed to bring him up.  I'll 
keep his attention on other things until his recheck in 20-30 mins.  If he's 
really complaining about hunger or is that low (21) i'd give him maybe a 
slice of cheese or a peanut butter cracker with the juice.  Also i've noticed 
with Matt that on top of treating his low his body helps and kicks in and 
causes "rebound" high later.  Good luck,

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