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Re: [IP] Low carb. -- my experience -- so far.

I have no idea what the long term implications are for this eating style.
>My doctor seemed to think that high BG readings were more dangerous than
>fatty food.  I wish there was more unbiased and well researched information
>on this issue.
>Bob Blakely

Hi Bob, I have also read Dr. Bernstein's book as well as several others on 
low carb diets (protein power, atkins, susan somers) and have basically 
pulled ideas from all of them here and there (especially recipes) and I know 
what you mean about long term implications.  I'm sure you've read the 
patient testimonies in Bernstein's book and there is also a wonderful 
forward by a doctor who used a low carb diet for her diabetic (mostly type 
2) patients . . .i forget her name but she wrote the forward for Susan 
Somer's latest book . . .don't remember what it's called.  As for scientific 
evidence?  Unfortunately I can't help you there . . .--Gianna

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