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[IP] Saunas

Next week Eve is going on a 4 day field trip with her 6th grade class. They
get to choose some of the activities they what to do. One of the activities
is to go canoeing and than they go in a sauna and then run into a lake (why
she choose this, I don't know, I wouldn't do it). The air temp will be in
the low 40's and 30's.

 I will be a chaperon on this trip, like many parents, I felt I was not
ready to cut the strings yet. Overnight, ok, but not 4 days.  I don't
believe that any of adults (one of the parents is a Dr. but don't still
trust him)on this trip could handle Eve's diabetes or her pump. One of Eve's
classmates also has diabetes and his mom ask me to also watch out for him
(make sure that they don't give him insulin when he is low).

Oh well, back to my original subject. What my thinking on this is, for her
not to wear the pump in the sauna,(duh) but what about the insulin in the
tubing(sof-set) and the cannula? Will the insulin there go bad? Would a sil
be better? My husband called mm to get some samples (we don't currently have
any). Any thoughts on this?

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