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Re: [IP] Flu and alarms

I had the same problem when I first started on the pump. In my case was that 
the "screw" was not working properly and that caused the alarm. but there is 
a self test option on the pump try that first then check the tubing and the 
syringe. I called MiniMed immediately when the problem happened, they were 
very helpful in solving the problem. I ended up getting a new pump.

>From: "Gina & Jose" <email @ redacted>
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>To: <email @ redacted>
>Subject: [IP] Flu and alarms
>Date: Fri, 15 Oct 1999 08:30:47 -0400
>Hello everyone - I'd like to recieve two advices from yoy guys...
>Yesterday I got two NO DELIVERY alarms, but the tubing was ok.
>The first one happened while I was applying a 6.1 U bolus - it
>stopped when in 4.8 U. The second one while I was applying a 4.8 U
>bolus - it stopped when in 2.8 U. I am a 507C user and in both cases
>I pressed SEL twice and proceeded the lack of bolus (1.3 U in the first
>case and 2.0 in the second one). What's going on?
>The other stuff is about flu - before I have come here to Orlando I used
>to take 2g of vitamin C each other day, and I did that through the first
>four months I am here (botled vitamin C). But since one month ago
>I haven't taken it and yesterday (also) I got a flu. I knew that when sick
>I must rise 0.1 u/h the basal rates, and I did it. During the day my blood
>sugars were a little bit higher than the target (140) - 170 before sleep,
>around 11 PM.
>So I added 0.1 u/h to my night-basal rate (0.7 u/h + 0.1 u/h = 0.8 u/h)
>and at 3:00 PM my bg was 80... normally is around 160. I took a glass
>of milk and bolus 0.1 U to achieve my target (140) at 6:00 AM. So at
>6:00 AM I woke up with bg=86.
>Any advice about what to do when a little bit sick? How about the alarms?
>Hope to hear from you guys soon.
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