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RE: [IP] correcting at bedtime


I do believe you are right and i have corrected at night and been
chastised by my team for doing so but they couldn't say too much because
his numbers were good after that.  With only a little over 2 months
under our belts i am gaining more and more confidence and in time will
make these corrections when i feel necessary.  Right now we send in his
numbers once/week, but i already feel confident enough not to do that,
really just doing it as a formality, i don't wait for them to make
changes anymore.  Maybe their advice is meant more for newbies, or maybe
it is a control issue, i am not sure.


Michael said:
What bothers me about the reasoning is that it assumes that you
as parents are complete idiots and are incapable of figuring out the
nature of the problem. My experience with the folks on the list would
lead me to believe exactly the opposite. Most pumpers have so little
moment by moment contact with their medical team that even if it is
the best possible team in the country, the parents at the scene still
have more information and are more capable of making the correct

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