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[IP] lows with exercise/misunderstanding

Let me try to explain what I was saying b/c from the responses I'm 
getting...I dont think you understand.

Kevin plays soccer. When he does that, he eats a snack before and 
disconnects. He usually goes HIGH during soccer and then low 4 hours later IF 
we dont lower the basals and such.

This other phenomenon happens with not so strenuos activity. If he has 
bolused within a 1/2 hour...be it 1/2 unit or 5 units....if he plays ping 
pong or plays in the pool, or roller skates, or shoots basketballs (very 
casual even) it happens every time. YES, he turns OFF the pump at these times 
too.  Even if we walk casual or in the heat after bolusing it happens. 

I believe it is the act of his skin heating up that causes the problem. My 
husband and I are aware of it and Kevin sometimes remembers...but he's a kid 
and if an opportunity arises (even if he just bolused) he goes for it!  My 
in-laws didnt think what I said applied to snacks!

So, anyway, that is the difference. We have the hard exercise worked out, 
it's the casual stuff thru the day that can be a problem.

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