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Re: [IP] Gastro problem descriptions

> In a message dated 10/18/99 12:36:47 PM, email @ redacted
> writes:
> << CDC Guide for Primary Care Practiontioners Prevention and   
>           Treatment Guide, chocked full of information
> >>
> Michael, there is some good descriptive stuff there, but it was
> published Jan 1, 1991, and there is a lot of very out-of-date
> treatment stuff.  I hope those primary care practicioners have some
> other sources too.
I don't think the conditions described in those documents have 
changed much in many years. The treatment may have, but the general 
knowledge that the medical profession operates with vis-a-vie 
diabetes is pretty old. There have not been many new developments 
that I'm aware of that would change the descriptive information.

email @ redacted
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