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RE: [IP] correcting at bedtime

> Michael,
> They are worried about nighttime lows with tight control.  They have
> had several pump patients have severe lows upon correcting at night.

I understand the problem, what I think is that the mentioned do not 
understand the problem. Correction of highs anytime of the day is 
done using the same rule set. It is difficult to cause a low due to a 
well planned correction. The night time lows that occur (and there 
have been many at our house) have rarely if ever had anything to do 
with a correction before bed. Usually a high at bedtime that is 
corrected will almost always result in a lower but still high in the 
night reading simply due to insulin resistance brought on by the high 
bg's. What bothers me about the reasoning is that it assumes that you 
as parents are complete idiots and are incapable of figuring out the 
nature of the problem. My experience with the folks on the list would 
lead me to believe exactly the opposite. Most pumpers have so little 
moment by moment contact with their medical team that even if it is 
the best possible team in the country, the parents at the scene still 
have more information and are more capable of making the correct 
decision. I suppose YMMV, but the results so far lead me to believe 

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