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Re: [IP] high blood sugar / exercise

> My sons Dr says that exercising while having high BG is good, 
> because it will lower 
> #'s.  But, my sons CDE says to not exercise while high.  Any advice?? 
Both answers are almost right.

If there are no keytones present, the cells can absorb the glucose 
and do fine. If there are keytones, the can not. Then there is the 
matter of degree.... how much in the way of keytones. With my 
daughter, she does not exercise if her bg's are over 180 (cheat 200) 
unless she has insulin IN and she has confirmed that her bg's are on 
the way down or at least stopped rising. If they are on the way down 
then when she hits 200, she can GO again. This usually is only a 
problem on game days and does not occur frequently (anymore) as she 
is a little better about pre-game checking.
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