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Re: [IP] correcting at bedtime

> Ruth,
> His nighttime basals are set pretty good so usually if he is high at
> bedtime he maintains that high unless he has had extra exercise,
> sometimes though he will drop slightly.  We are still testing 1-2
> times during the night.  It is constant adjustments though, don't
> think these rates will remain standard until he is out of puberty!

probably not. What I've found with Lily is that after the 2:30 test, 
she is usually very stable. Changes brought on long term such as the 
"lady thing" or a change in exercise can be tuned normally with a 
slight increase/decrease in basals. The 0.1u/hr changes will only 
move bg's by 40-50 points over the 4 hr period from the last check to 
wake up even under the worst of circumstances (usually) so I don't 
worry about that. I will only re-check in the night if there is an 
obvious problem with a low, then it's every 20-30 minutes anyway. The 
2 am check seems to catch the lows before they become problamatic, 
even if she immediately crashes when I wake her (low going lower). Of 
course YMMV.

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