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Re: [IP] high blood sugar / exercise


You probably did overtreat just a bit... :-).  It's scary when you get that 
first really low reading.  I've read posts online that talk about passing out 
with a BS of 40.  Our daughter has had a reading as low as 18 on her meter 
(the meters are less accurate below 40) and walked upstairs to tell me she 
felt low.  It's a very individual thing.

Your Dr. and your CDE are both giving you accurate information.  I'm sure 
that someone will give you a better explanation of the physiology than I can, 
but basically, if your son is "a little" high, exercise will bring his blood 
sugar down.  I imagine you've seen this happen.  If he's high (we were given 
250 as the cutoff), then it's not a good idea to exercise.  At that point the 
exercise could push his blood sugar up even more.  Our daughter rarely has 
ketones unless her blood sugar is over 400, but many people have ketones with 
lower blood sugars.  We usually don't restrict her normal play unless she has 
ketones showing up.  

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