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Re: [IP] high blood sugar / exercise

I have been told from both my wife (a CDE) and a doctor who spoke at our 
pumpers group, to not exercise when your BG is above 250 without checking 
for ketones.  Never exercise when you are showing large ketones.

As for over treating a low, I think that we have all done that 
before.  Someone here has stated that they usually get a 25 point jump per 
glucose tab, YMMV but it's a good place to start.

Here is my first experience with over treating my wife (happen long before 
we were married).  We just finished watching the movie Beaches which was a 
sad movie but Shari was quite a bit more emotional than normal.  I thought 
that I would 'fix' this by treating her to some ice cream.  After waiting 
too long for service, I rushed her back to her apartment.  By this time, 
she was quickly becoming incoherent so I knew that I needed to do something 
fast.  I started to give her some regular Dr. Pepper laced with 
sugar.  This brought her around to the point where she was at least semi 
coherent enough to where she could talk without too much difficulty.  She 
looked around in the apartment and discovered that it was just us and 
realized  that I was trying to take care of her.  I guess this gave me some 
'good' points from the change of mood from sadness to more of a amorous 
mood.  She looked at me and suggested that we ' go upstairs', I said yes, 
as soon as she finished her Dr. Pepper.  She chugged the rest of her drink, 
spilling most of it in the process, started to make her way upstairs, but 
straight to the bathroom to throw up.  Needless to say, we never made it to 
the bedroom which was a good thing really considering that her room mate 
was my sister and this was on campus of a Baptist University which would 
frown on such acts.  It was a date that I will always remember!
Jeff Fisher
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email @ redacted
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