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Re: [IP] high blood sugar / exercise

In a message dated 10/18/99 3:39:11 PM, email @ redacted writes:

<< My sons Dr 
says that exercising while having high BG is good,  because it will lower 
#'s.  But, my sons CDE says to not exercise while high.  Any advice?? >>

I have for a long time suspected that the crucial question is whether there 
is enough insulin to "feed" the exercised muscles, or whether the body has to 
use the pathways that lead to ketosis.  This might be why the technique of 
bolusing and eating a snack before exercise seems to help some people avoid 
what would otherwise be highs after exercise.  During my 44 years of injected 
insulin, I tended to have problems when exercising while high:  feeling 
really sick even if ketones weren't showing up, and often going higher.  I 
wonder if the problems might be less when I am getting a basal drip, but I 
must admit I haven't done any good experiments with it in my year of pumping 
- I don't usually get very high :-) except if I have underbolused for 
something I ate, and with heart and gastro problems exercising after eating 
isn't too great an idea.

Linda Zottoli
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