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[IP] Low carb. -- my experience -- so far.

About 25 days ago I was chatting with a friend and he suggested I consider
a low carb. diet in order to lose some of my excess weight (I am 6' 4" and
290 lbs.).  I am dubious about diets but had read Bernstien and hoped to
reduce the BG excursions that seemed to bedevil my efforts at close
control.  If I lost weight, so much the better.

I started the next day with three eggs, cheese and a couple of sausage
patties.  Every day I have attempted to keep the carb.s to a minimum.
Probably the most carbs I have eaten was when I ate a half a plateful of
cooked cabbage.  I have avoided bread entirely as well as potatoes, rice
and grain.

I cannot tell you if I have lost weight because I intend to weight on my
next Dr, visit.  My cloths (pants) are noticeably looser though.  The big
deal with me is how steady my BG is.  I am now using about a third less
insulin and my BG is much, much steadier.  I no longer have excursions into
the 200s or 300s.  In fact I have settled down to the point where 150 seems
radical.  I might point out that I am using Rezulin as well as a low carb.
diet.  I have been taking Rezulin for about 16 months.  The diet and the
medication seem to compliment one another.

I have no idea what the long term implications are for this eating style.
My doctor seemed to think that high BG readings were more dangerous than
fatty food.  I wish there was more unbiased and well researched information
on this issue.

Bob Blakely
email @ redacted
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