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[IP] high blood sugar / exercise

   I am hoping that some of you, with more knowledge than I, could help!?  I 
have heard some very contradicting advice,  and am very confused!  My sons Dr 
says that exercising while having high BG is good,  because it will lower 
#'s.  But, my sons CDE says to not exercise while high.  Any advice??  Justin 
is not pumping, yet.                          Last week he had a blood sugar 
reading of 21.  This was our first experience that low,  & I guess I over 
treated! (4 glucose tabs,  a juice box-29 carbs, and a granola bar-17 carbs). 
   His numbers after an hour were up over 500.  Is this normal?  How much 
should I have given him?  He was still conscious,  but feeling really lousy & 
not quite with it, very lightheaded & lethargic.  He was sitting in art 
class,  and it just hit.  Luckily his friend saw what was going on & got 
help!   It really scared him.....let alone me!!!     Thanks!  Your advice is 

Mom of Justin/14   Dx'd 8/98  - not pumping yet
.....but hopefully soon!
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