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Re: [IP] Re: more on the lady....AIDS/HIV

I quite agree, this has gotten quite a ways off course from my original
post and caused far more "heated discussing" than was my intent, and is
no longer related to diabetes. My last post was in response to what I
perceived as a forthcoming "heated" post. So, anyone who wants to
discuss the whole AIDS thing further, lets do it off-list so these other
folks don't have to listen to it.
The point of my original post (summed up): Federal research money needs
to be distributed more equitably to various diseases, based on factors
other than the current "popularity" of some diseases (such as number of
people affected). In order to affect this change, diabetics and their
friends/family may need to speak up and ask for their fair share.

In the process I added some of my own opinions which others are free to
disagree with (and obviously do). But regardless of people's feelings
about my opinions, I hope that we can all agree on the above point.

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