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Re: [IP] correcting at bedtime

so, do you ever have the phenomenon in which all of a sudden,  his BG's will
be drop into the 80-100's from this period from 8- 1am?  you  have the
nighttimes almost figured out and then wham!?

right now,  geneva's basals are up from 0.5 to 0.8 during the 8- 1am slot.
I am setting a temp basal to 1.2 tonight when she hits the pillow.  last
night it was set at 1.1 and didn't do jack to bring her down.  now, I KNOW
that as soon as we make this adjustment...she will stop growing and she will
start getting low at 8 PM and then I go into this panic because I just don't
know if she will continue to drop or not.  sometimes when she starts to drop
like this she will treat.  and then she is high again one hour later.  very


> His nighttime basals are set pretty good so usually if he is high at
> bedtime he maintains that high unless he has had extra exercise,
> sometimes though he will drop slightly

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