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Re: [IP] A curious question about hyper

Lots of questions about Ritalin today.  First of all,
I'm no DR, but I doubt there is connection between
being dx w/IDDM and adhd.  If there were, every male
in my family would have DM, and they don't.  My son
has been on Ritalin or some medication for adhd since
he was 5.  after being dx, the only problem we have
had is that the ritalin depresses his appetite.  this
was a real problem before the pump, as he wouldn't
feel like eating snacks, reduced his insulin a lot
because he wasn't eating a lot & he stopped growing. 
Now on pump, we are trying ritalin again because it
works better for adhd than anything else.  Since he
doesnt need snacks, and the drug wears off in about 4
hrs, we are timing it to be taken just after meals. 
As an added benefit, when on ritalin, he remembers
details much better, like to actually bolus for lunch?
 I have never heard anyone say a diabetic can't take
ritalin, maybe it's the appetite suppressant thing.

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Subject: Re: [IP] A curious question about hyper
active kids and diabetes


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