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[IP] girl talk

Hi, julie, I am Elizabeth Diep, I live in Mexico City, I am 28 and 18 years 
with diabetes, I understand you very much, sometimes I feel this hungry you 
told, I investigate this and is very frecunt in the ovulation period or well 
during the menstruation, not only in women with diabetes, is general in 
women in this circuntances.
On the other hand I know about depresion, sometimes i feel there is no one 
with me, i donīt want to do anything or see anybody, I wake up angry for 
nothings, but i began to think, why? sometimes i think in diabetic 
problems,and i get sad but when i see to myself, a good kidney a good eyes, 
a good feet and hands i begin to be pacefull. Some times people in our lives 
are not to good for us, because diabetes is very mitic for some people, and 
you have to choose who are near you ( a boyfriend) you have to be sure he 
love you and accept the problem with you and he worried about you . If no, 
is better be alone, people specially some men are speciallist in destroy 
people and many of us (diabetics ) are very sesitives.
Now you know people with diabetes are admirable because not everybody 
support and know how to live with a desease, and say very bad and toxic 
things that you have to learn how to let it go out of your life

Can you talk me about your eyes and kidneys?
we have many other good things also diabetes

Is there any problem in your life now?
Do you think is because of your diabetis ?

You can talk with me maybe I can understand you

I have been with a doctor (psiquiatric) to let him help me with all this 
problems and I am really happy with his job with me

hope i help you



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