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Re: [IP] Re: Silhouettes Complaint--Natalie

Well George, there really isn't a problem with the Silhouettes, so why ask
them to make any change?  Since no one sterilizes their skin prior to
inserting a Silhouette, the fact that the site can breathe a bit is of no
consequence.  It really is a well designed item, and the only request that
has surface here a few times is to somehow mark the top and bottom sides of
the plug that snaps in.

<<<<<<<Don't expect any explanation or promise of improvement on this
"problem" from MiniMed.  The Silhouettes/Tenders/Comforts are all
manufactured exactly the same way by Maersk
medical.com/MMGroup/ResearchAndDevelopment/ >.
perhaps you should contact them with any suggestions/complaints.

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