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Re: [IP] Re: more on the lady....AIDS/HIV

Well Laura, we may be getting off the topic a bit, since type 1 diabetes
isn't due to irresponsible behavior, and type II is quesitonable.  AIDS is
a bit like smoking.  Lung cancer is a horribly painful disease and almost
always fatal, yet over 90% of it is totally preventable with responsible
behavior (i.e. not smoking).  But we still need to be sympathetic and
helpful to those without the willpower that you and I have :-) (damn those
krispy kremes).  Once afflicted, they do suffer, and at that point, the
behaviorial cause is no longer relevant.

<<<<<<sorry Sara, but you probably aren't going to like this one much
>I am working on a response to the person who write that AIDS is a result
>of >"irresponsible behavior"   beware
The AIDSCentral website (http://www.aidscentral.com/HIVFAQS.html)
"HIV is transmitted through unprotected sex, sharing needles, and
perinatally to children born from an infected mother"
The first two can (and should) be prevented. To me, that means that if
you got AIDS/HIV in these ways, it is irresponsible behavior.
My conclusions: in almost all cases, people get AIDS/HIV through
irresponsible behavior. If people would be responsible about their
actions, we could prevent AIDS almost 100%. (I'm sure others will draw
their own conlusions, and that's fine, after all, YMMV...)

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