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[IP] Re: quick drop bgs

Just a couple suggestions, feel free to disregard (I seem to have been
offending people unintentionally lately, but that is not my intent, so I
hope my unsolicited advice doesn't bother you!)

>I'm just afraid she won't wake up if an alarm goes off... 

if you have the MM pump turned up to max volume (our D doesn't have
volume control :(  )  and still don't think she will hear it, maybe you
could try one of those baby monitors, put the receiver in the sister's
room with the volume turned way up? I don't know if it would pick up the
alarm or not...
If your son objects to a "baby" monitor, maybe you could just use a pair
of regular walkie-talkies and tape down the send button.

I really liked your cell phone advice. My husband's grandparents got him
one for Christmas a couple years ago and I think its the best gift they
ever gave him! I really worried about him getting stuck in a ditch
without food or insulin during one of our snowstorms here (still on
shots). I also don't think anyone is being too overprotective with their
kids either (especially since the mom's haven't said that the kids feel
smothered). My husband is 30 and I still sometimes worry when one of use
has to go on a business trip so that I can't keep an eye on him at
night. His mom was so happy when I came along because she really worried
about him all those years that he was living on his own. He is careful
about checking at bedtime and having snacks, but still has had some very
bad night time lows (which we hope the pump will help more with).

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