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[IP] ritalin and diabetes.


i do not know if ritalin has any ties to causing diabetes but i DO know
that viruses can attack the pancreas and inactivate the insulin producing
cells.  no one in my family has type one.  not even the very few type
twos.  all produce some insulin <according to them>.  i do not, never
did, and never had any sort of 'honeymoon' period soon after dx.  it was
determined that the mumps i had about ten months before dx was the
culprit, and when i became pregnant a few yrs ago, that was pretty much
verified <thru other numerous and tedious tests i had to have for other
reasons>.  maybe you had a virus of some sort?  a cold virus can damage
your heart...maybe you had something that attacked your pancreas too.
hugs, kisses and all that other fancy shmancy cyber ending stuff...


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