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[IP] Night time highs

response to : "deborah" <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] Night time numbers
this is weird.  Your last few days seem a lot like ours.  Michael (age 8)
goes to bed with a reasonable BG (170) and then when I test him before I got
to bed it's sky high (330).  I give him 1 unit which should bring him down
to 150 and at 3am it's still high (295).  This or approximately this has
happened for about 5 nights, with one good night in there somewhere.  I have
changed set three times, changed insulin bottles cartridge and tubing
once--which did seem to help) .  We already use a high basal rate from 9pmto
midnight and then a low one from midnight to 5am.  We live in Omaha
Nebraska.  I've been
wondering about pollen (I know he has some mild allergies) and growth spurts
(but before those have affected 4-7am BGs, not 10pm-1am BGs).  I've been
wondering if he is doing something funny to his set, like lying on it wrong,
while he sleeps. Now I'm wondering if I should consult an astrologer or what

Carol mother of Michael age 8 pumping since 12/98

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