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Re: [IP] Raising kids

-From: "Aspen, Tricia" <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] Raising kids

*Tonight's the last football game (yay).  During
*football games and hard practices he's been
*disconnecting his pump, and by the time he tests he's

Is football screwy or what?  Ryan (12) has also been
playing football this fall. full contact, same deal as
high school. He also disconnects during the times when
they are "hitting" during practice and during games.
Even if he starts at 150bg, stays hooked up until the
last minute, takes a bolus to make up for "lost pump
time", he still ends up at 3-400 after the game. He
feels yucky by the middle of the game. Afterwards, if
he eats, and we bolus even the reg amount, he'll be
low in an hour. We tried having him hook up during
half time, but must not have given enough insulin. 
Talked to our endo last week, seems all the kids
playing Fball have the same kind of problem.  She said
it's the hardest sport to figure out. I suggested a
more mild sport to my son, say a chess league, :) he
wasn't interested.  any one have any suggestions to
get us through the next couple of games?  Thanks for
your help. -Rae 


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