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Re: [IP]quick drop bgs (long winded resonse)

From: email @ redacted
Subject: [IP] quick drop bgs (long winded)

*One strange phenomenon we have noticed is that
sometimes Kevin FEELS low even though when we test he
is not. 

*My point for blabbering, is that these little
nuances is what keeps my husband and I from straying
to far from home. It is too much to explain to a 

We have seen the same thing in Ryan (12) after
football, these guys seem to feel it coming even
before it gets to the blood to get registered.  We
usually give a glass of milk, the carbs seem to ease
the low feeling and the protein seems to help with the
"plunge" that can occur 3-4 hours or later after the

As for leaving for a weekend...I do not think you are
being over protective! It takes time to know how to
make the important decisions, some which can be
life/death things. Yes you have to cut the apron
strings some time, but not until everyone is ready.
while I still haven't managed to get away for a whole
overnight yet,(it's been 7 months) we have come up
with a solution that works well for us.  We use cell
phones. We use Nextel service. These devices also are
a two way radio(Obviously you need 2 to use the
two-way), and they are also a pager.  When Ryan is
going to be away from us, sometimes even on a bike
ride, I just give him a phone. It clips on his belt. 
If he has a problem, he can call.  If we are out of
town, we take our phone, he & whoever is staying with
him have a phone too, so if there is a bg high or low,
or any alarms or whatever, we are never out of reach
to answer those questions.  When he's out, going to a
fast-food, or w/ a friend, he will call us, go thru
his stats; bg, how much activity, whats for eats, etc.
 He tells us what he thinks he needs to bolus, we have
a quick phone conference (he's usually correct)and
then away he goes.  The cell phone gives us confidence
that we can call to check on him; he likes it because
he can be independent, but still knows he can get to
us quickly no matter where we are.  BTW Nextel svc is
by far the cheapest(around here anyway). for $39.95
mo, you get 300 minutes cell time, (rounded to the
nearest second after 1st min) with NO roaming or
landline fees. (2400 minutes is only 94.95) May be
other affordable svcs in other areas, but this is the
one we use, also sell it too, but I don't mean this as
a commercial. It is a great tool, and for the price,
it's worth it for our peace of mind.  We are
considering leaving Ryan with his sister (18) for a
weekend in November, will only be 90 minutes or so
away.  She thinks she can handle it, has taken care of
him before, but not on pump, I'm just afraid she won't
wake up if an alarm goes off... so much for letting
go, huh? 



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